It feels like the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special has been on for a month now, but it’s been worth every second!

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The last installment (part four) of the reunion aired on Sunday and all the juicy tea between Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams, and Kandi Burruss unfolded.

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Check out some of the best fan reactions on Twitter:

Despite being the center of all the drama, Phaedra seemed to be at a loss for words.

Phaedra would you care to explain yourself?

Phaedra: #RHOA

And her lack of emotion was low-key scary.

*Kandi crying & going off*
*Everyone side eyeing Phaedra*
*Porsha forcing herself to cry” #RHOA



Almost liked she practiced in the mirror beforehand.

“Phaedra did your tell her that?”
“Phaedra are you apologetic?”
“Phaedra, why did you think it was true?”

Every viewer was looking at their TV like, wait, what?

RT @johnje9: Listening to Phaedra say she’s most concerned about Porsha like #RHOA #RHOAReunion @Kandi <- 😂😂😂

And Twitter was quick to come up with a new tagline for her this season:

“I don’t always lie, but when I do, I’m only repeating what I heard” #RHOA

The theme music for the reunion should have seriously been Whodini’s “friends, how many of us have them?”

The whole world looking at Phaedra like…

Fans had to take a break with the cast, because chile, emotions were running too high:

But when the break was over, Phaedra was still dodging the truth.

Phaedra answering direct questions #RHOA

And even tho Kandi tried to keep her composure, some fans wanted Kandi to read Phaedra to filth:

Kandi: I don’t want to run you all the way down on this tv show
Me: Run HER!
#RHOAReunion #rhoa

They could only imagine what her ex-husband Apollo thought of all of this.

However, former RHOA star NeNe Leakes couldn’t keep quiet about her feelings:

I said it to her, her very FIRST season on #RHOA I been told y’all! Y’all are yearsssss late😡

And even though Phaedra was taking most of the heat, people were still side-eyeing Porsha.

Porsha is NOT a victim. Phaedra said it, but Porsha repeated it in front of the cameras. They knew what they were doing. #RHOA

Because those allegations were extremely serious.

Kandi has every right to be mad. Rape is serious & so is falsely accusing someone out of spite. Fr/Frack were WRONG #RHOAReunion #RHOA

Porsha might have been crying, but sympathy amongst viewers ran a little dry.

Porsha Is Over The Age Of 30, Her Brain Is Fully Developed! She Should Exercise Using Her OWN Judgment And Logic.. She Volunteered #RHOA

Fans were forced to say goodbye to one of reality television’s most dynamic duos.

Yes, this season was filled with backstabbing drama, but were you not entertained?

Like in every good thriller, you don’t know the murderer till the last episode #RHOA #RHOAReunion