23 Deleted Lindsay Lohan Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum


1. That time a waitress punched her for no reason: Twitter / Via graneyandthepig.wordpress.com 2. That time she asked what an Emma Stone was: Twitter / Via gossipbrunch.com 3. That time she said "Hello Facebook" ... on Twitter: Twitter / Via dailytoast.com 4. That time she renamed a tropical storm: Twitter / Via evilbeetgossip.com 5.…

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These Animals Are So Savage You Will Poop Your Pants


1. Somebody stop this ferocious beast looking for its next victim. supplysquare / Via instagram.com 2. And this herd of felines who are thinking about eating you for dinner. kaneyge / Via instagram.com 3. This scary guy who will bite through you like he does with this steel cage. vivleeyang / Via instagram.com 4. This…

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