37 Things People Under The Age 17 Will Just Never Understand


1. That when fighting with a friend you needed to be the FIRST to remove them from your Myspace Top 8. elitedaily.com 'Cause it was a POWER MOVE. 2. That this was the exact moment when the VMAs peaked: MTV Honestly, it has been downhill since then. 3. That you needed to have a secret…

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Your Bedroom Style Will Determine Whether You’re An Introvert Or Extrovert


Via pinterest.com Via tesrol.com.au Via sammysdesignerflooring.ca Via dickson-constant.com Via bhphotovideo.com Via pinsdaddy.com*g8wesE/ Via de.wikipedia.org Via whiteribbon.org.au Via loomshowroom.com Via colorecom.com Drapes Via easyblinds.co.nz Blinds Via biteinto.info Both Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via ikea.com Via urbanoutfitters.com Via urbanoutfitters.com Via urbanoutfitters.com Via urbanoutfitters.com Via urbanoutfitters.com…

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47 Left-Handed Celebrities That Will Make You Wish You Were A Lefty


1. Tim Allen David Klein / Getty Images 2. Jason Bateman Kevin Winter / Getty Images 3. Justin Bieber Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images 4. Matthew Broderick Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images 5. George H.W. Bush Matthew Stockman / Getty Images 6. Bill Clinton Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images 7. Billy Ray Cyrus…

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The 50 Absolute Fattest Cats I Could Find For You


1. CHUNK. reddit.com 2. CHUNK. instagram.com 3. CHUNK. i.reddituploads.com 4. CHUNK ON A SHOE. imgur.com 5. CHUNK. imgur.com 6. LOUNGING CHUNK. reddit.com 7. PROUD CHUNK. reddit.com 8. LOVING CHUNK. i.imgur.com 9. INDIGNANT CHUNK. i.imgur.com 10. CHUNK. i.reddituploads.com 11. GINGER CHUNK. i.reddituploads.com 12. CHUNK. i.redd.it 13. CHUNK. reddit.com 14. CHUNK. i.imgur.com 15. CHUNK. i.imgur.com 16. CHUNK.…

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Nicki Minaj Having A Hard Time Using Snapchat Is The Best Thing


Obviously you know Nicki Minaj — singer of "Anaconda," inventor of "Prague," and all-around queen. Ethan Miller / Getty Images Well she posted this Instagram, asking her fans for help. View this photo on Instagram instagram.com "Can y'all teach me how to use this?" she said. "I wanna show y'all how a bad bitch posts…

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26 Things People Are Definitely Going To Forget About In 10 Years


1. Looking up movie times in a real, physical newspaper: Twitter: @TheOldManClub 2. Actually being surprised by hidden tracks at the end of an album: Twitter: @lostinlipa 3. Needing two tapes to watch one movie: Twitter: @BossyLossy 4. "Go to channel 3": Stockphotosart / Via Twitter: @FeliciaHanna_12 5. Printing out directions instead of just giving…

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