This Gorgeous Beach Scene Seemed Totally Normal Until They Saw Something Weird


Cabo is a gorgeous getaway that attracts thousands of tourists each year, but one spectator on the shore took in a strange sight back in 2011. And it certainly wasn't a picturesque sunset. While filming, a traveler noticed that the water seemed uncharacteristically choppy. After a few seconds, they realized that something bizarre was afoot.Watch…

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10 Funny And Shocking Colorbook Corrections


We like to do a lot of silly things just for the sake of humor. We tend to break small rules, pull pranks and even lie whenever we think we can get a laugh out of it. Apparently some people like to take children’s coloring books and use them to create inappropriate cartoons. This list…

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10 Amazing Sights From Life Inside The Animal Kingdom


Have you ever wondered what you might experience if you lived in the great outdoors? Sure, we take nature excursions and we tend to visit sanctuaries and observe animals, but living within the animal kingdom would be an entirely different experience. There are so many dynamics at play, that you would constantly encounter something interesting…

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10 Amazing Pieces Of Art Made With Nothing But Paper


The artistic realm is under a constant state of flux with new artists creating unseen genres everyday. Yulia Brodskaya is a famous artist who masters in creating something known as paper art. In this beautiful and complex art form, he creates elaborate works using nothing but colored paper that is folded, cut and glued in…

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10 Awesome Families That Rocked Cosplay


Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘the family that cosplays together, stays together’? Probably not, because we just made that up–but indeed families who have the same hobbies and interests definitely form a much stronger bond. Parents not only share their values and beliefs to their children, but their interests as well: such as…

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10 Crazy Things You Don’t Know About Burger King


Burger King has long cemented themselves into the world of fast food and consumerists’ hearts. They make one of the tastiest burgers around, and because of that they have expanded to over 70 countries and have over 13,000 restaurants around the world. It is hard to visit a new city without coming across a Burger…

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