18 Unanswerable Questions I Have About Disney Movies


1. If Buzz Lightyear didn't know he was a toy, why did he freeze and act like a toy when Andy entered the room? Disney 2. How does Ariel decide which sea creatures are her friends and which ones are her underwear? Disney (Good question, @Flora__Flora.) 3. After Ariel loses her tail and gets legs,…

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Lush Cosmetics Savagely Referenced "Drag Race’s" Valentina In The Description For Their "Catastrophe" Mask And I’m Screaming


If you remember one thing from this past season of Drag Race, it's Valentina's shock-elimination after her infamous ~lip-sync~ to Ariana's "Greedy": View this video on YouTube youtube.com And just like that, a meme was instantly born and Valentina stans lost their bottoming appetites for WEEKS. VH1 Well, just when the wounds were finally starting…

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Which Unsolved Mystery Always Freaks You Out?


Unsolved mysteries are interesting, but when they happen in real life, they can be terrifying. HBO Maybe you've heard of the 1982 Chicago Tylenol Murders, where someone switched the powder in a bunch of Tylenol bottles with cyanide. Horrifying. Flickr Creative Commons / Denisenfamily / Via Flickr: denisenfamily / youtube.com Seven people died, and no…

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Selena Gomez Turned 25 And Celebrated In A Very Chill Way


Obligatory intro: This is Selena Gomez. She's a singer/actress/fashion icon. Don Arnold / WireImage / Getty Images On July 22nd, our precious Goddess Selena turned 25. CBS And how did she celebrate? With a huge club party? Renting a yacht to sail the Mediterranean? Dancing in a big pile of money? NOPE. Our girl Selena…

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“Catfish” Nev Got Married And This Wedding Will Make Your Jaw Drop


This is Nev Schulman, of Catfish fame. Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images You know Catfish — it started as a successful doc and then became an even more successful TV show. Well on Saturday, Nev married Laura Perlongo in East Hampton. View this photo on Instagram instagram.com And there's no twist here: This wedding looked…

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