The Internet Is Going NUTS For This Dog Who Looks Like A FOX.


Mya is a canine who is probably confusing her neighbours when she is taken for a walk. The dog is a pomsky; a Pomeranian and husky mix. She does not quite look like a small, fluffy ball nor the imposing large Siberian that comes with both breeds. Instead, Mya looks like a gorgeous red fox…

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25 Signs It’s Too Hot Outside… #13 Is The Worst!


It always seems like time starts going by faster and faster after each new year. One moment you're celebrating New Years and before you know it, you're celebrating Christmas. 2016 has barely just started what feels like a few days ago and summer has already fallen upon us! And once it's summer, you know what…

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LEGO Life Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known About Years Ago.


Lego has become one of the most popular toys around the world. Kids love using their blocks and plates to build fun structures like castles, spaceships, and other cool creations. No matter how old you get it’s hard to resist playing blocks. After all, there is no limit with what can be made with a…

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10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Blondes


Blondes seem to live a different life between men and women. Men are often praised to look beautiful, especially if it’s paired with baby blue eyes. For women, they see more slut shaming and they’re often the butt of blonde jokes. It’s unfortunate, but both men and women should feel proud of their blonde hair.…

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10 Amazing Carvings Using Pencil Tips


A pencil is one of the most valuable tool for artists around the world. Artists have been using pencils to create stunning sketches for a long time now, and it has truly served them well. The new generation of artists, however, are capable of transforming even a simple pencil into a stunning work of art.…

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10 Baffling Cases Of Cartoon Logic


Most of us have grown up watching one cartoon or another. Watching cartoons can be a lot of fun when you are a kid, but when you re-watch the same cartoons as an adult, a lot of abnormalities begin to pop up. You begin to notice a lot of discrepancies which you might have not…

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10 Brilliant Landscapes Carved Into Books


Artists around the world are constantly looking for ways to evolve the various genres of art by utilizing different materials. Their quest to broaden the spectrum of art has truly yielded some interesting results over the years. Carving landscapes using books is a new form of art that is gaining traction around the community. The…

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