Pokémon Go Players Can Win $5,000 By Finding THIS Rare Pokémon.


It would take living under a rock to not have heard the launch of the video game Pokémon GO. The game is a cool adventure that blurs the line between the real world and virtual reality where players go to real locations to find and catch Pokémon characters. Whether it’s Central Park in New York…

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20 Teenage Fails You Shouldn’t Laugh At, But You Will Anyway.


Teenagers today are growing up in an extremely different world from previous generations. While raging teenage hormones is something that exists across generations, the rest of us didn't have the same social media pressures and influences that teens face today. In the past, teens recorded most of their memories and communicated the old school way.…

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They Were Boating On The Lake When They Saw Something Bobbing In The Water


Animals absolutely despise the torturous summer heat just like humans do. Take this baby deer, for example, that was trying to cool off in Lake Buchanan. Although the little one was probably trying to follow its mother into the water or take a refreshing dip, the poor thing became totally stranded.Luckily for this lovable critter,…

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