Firefighters Made A Tiny Oxygen Mask For FOUR Adorable Reasons.


Firefighters are real life heroes who bravely go into a dangerous situations to save the lives of others. These brave men and women value every living thing no matter how small it may be. When a fire broke out in a Lacey, Washington, house the firefighters jumped into action to put it out. There were…

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30 Famous Logos Then And Now. You Won't Even Recognize Some Of These.


Regardless of how small or big a company is, they want to make sure their logo stands out. A good symbol and graphic helps to promote and give instant recognition to an organization. A lot of planning and researching goes into making sure a business’ logo will eclipse the competition. And just like fashion, logos…

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20 Hilarious (And Totally Ridiculous) Reasons Why Kids Cry


The great thing about kids is that they put setting their own hair on fire and dropping their toys in the same spot on the "I should totally be crying about this" scale. And no one addresses this weepy phenomenon more brilliantly than Reasons My Son Is Crying. Basically, the site hinges around parents submitting…

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Making Your Own Infused Vodka Is So Easy…And Here’s How To Do It!


There's nothing quite like a professionally poured craft cocktail. Hard-to-pronounce ingredients, infused spirits, and elegant glasses make me feel so fancy. Giphy Sadly, though, those cockails are a luxury only to be enjoyed once in a blue moon. I'd rather not spend $15 on a drink, thankyouverymuch. I could buy a cute top with that…

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10 Awesome Inventions That Will Shape Our Future


The future is an interesting place. With technology and science growing at such a fast rate, there is no saying what the future can hold, but we may have a few ideas based on these inventions of tomorrow that are being fine-tuned at present. It is safe to think that the world we reside in…

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10 Of The Most Ridiculous South Korean Yearbook Photos


The usual boring yearbook photos you are used to seeing are not how it’s done in Korea. A number of schools in South Korea actually allow their students to do as they please in their senior yearbook photos in order to express themselves freely and show their personality. In some cases, that’s a great thing……

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10 Of The Strangest Laws In The United States


Would you believe us if we told you that putting an ice cream cone in the back of your pocket is considered breaking the law in Alabama? What about a weird Californian law that says you are not able to ride your bike in a pool? There’s a number of laws that are so strange…

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10 Clever Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice


These days all of us are bombarded by ads everywhere. They are in the streets, in the subway, played on TVs and popping up while we spend time on the internet. So many ads lead to us being incredible bored from looking at them. Luckily there’s a few imaginative people trying to come up with…

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10 Awesome Bathroom Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier


What do you consider to be the hardest to clean place in your home? If you are like all of us, you’d probably say your bathroom, and this is for a reason. The place is usually filling up with nasty bacteria and should always be kept clean, as the bathroom is a place where people…

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