This Looks Like A Mini Piano But It’s So Much Cooler Than That


I've always believed that handmade presents are way better than store-bought gifts. There's something special about your friends and family taking the time to make something specifically for you. Reddit user PapoochCZ must agree, because he did exactly that.When his friend's birthday was coming up, he decided to give her something not only tailored to…

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Something Horrible Is Flooding Through The Tokyo Underground…So Gross


When large amounts of a foul-smelling liquid are suddenly flooding through an underground shopping center, you can bet there will be some panic. It doesn't happen often, and that's a good thing. But the deeper down you dig and develop, the higher the chances are of upsetting the natural groundwater. The latest such case of…

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Disabled Lamb Learns To Walk Thanks To The Unlikeliest Object…A Shopping Bag!


An amazing Australian animal sanctuary called Edgar's Mission has been rescuing unwanted farm animals since 2003. Believing that sheep, pigs, cows, and all farm animal deserve just as much love as any other living creature, Edgar's Mission has been working hard to give these often neglected animals the best lives possible.Recently, they took in a…

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