15 Filipino Indie Bands You Should Listen To So You Can Say You Did "Before They Were Cool"


1. Rusty Machines Facebook: rustymachinesPH You'll like them if you dig: Alternative rock, Arctic Monkeys, Real Estate, Yuck, Last Dinosaurs, Eraserheads, Urbandub, and reminiscing about a heartbreak while convincing yourself that you're fineSongs to get you started: Forget You, The Morning, I Was Wrong, Can't Hardly WaitListen to them on: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify 2.…

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Build Your Ideal Vegetarian Meal And We’ll Tell You How You’ll Become Famous


Getty Images Via Getty Images French Fries Via Getty Images Spinach Artichoke Dip Via Getty Images Stuffed Peppers Via Getty Images Garden Salad Via Getty Images Roasted Chickpeas Via Getty Images Guacamole Via Getty Images Hummus Via Getty Images Bruschetta Via Getty Images Honey glazed carrots Getty Images Via Getty Images Potato, Mushroom, and Zucchini…

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23 Deleted Lindsay Lohan Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum


1. That time a waitress punched her for no reason: Twitter / Via graneyandthepig.wordpress.com 2. That time she asked what an Emma Stone was: Twitter / Via gossipbrunch.com 3. That time she said "Hello Facebook" ... on Twitter: Twitter / Via dailytoast.com 4. That time she renamed a tropical storm: Twitter / Via evilbeetgossip.com 5.…

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These Animals Are So Savage You Will Poop Your Pants


1. Somebody stop this ferocious beast looking for its next victim. supplysquare / Via instagram.com 2. And this herd of felines who are thinking about eating you for dinner. kaneyge / Via instagram.com 3. This scary guy who will bite through you like he does with this steel cage. vivleeyang / Via instagram.com 4. This…

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