Move Over, Humans. Turns Out Animals Love Summer Water Sports, Too!


With summer in full swing, most pet owners love few things more than hanging with their fur babies in the beautiful weather. But as it turns out, Fifi and Fido want in on the water sports action, too. Apparently, they can water ski with the best of them. So whether they’re surfing some killer waves…

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How “Spongebob Squarepants” Looked In The First Episode Vs Now


1. The opening credits NIckelodeon NIckelodeon Now: More glimmers of sunlight! 2. Bikini Bottom NIckelodeon NIckelodeon Now: More private yard space for everyone, and Squidward and Spongebob both got their walkways redone. 3. Spongebob's home aka the pineapple under the sea NIckelodeon NIckelodeon Now: Replaced roof and planted new flowers. 4. Gary the snail NIckelodeon…

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This Performance On “The Tonight Show” Made Me Believe In Art


This is SZA. Randy Shropshire / Getty Images She is the next musical artíste. Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are shaking. Last night, she and Travis Scott went on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to perform "Love Galore" and literally made me believe in ~true art~. NBC And if you don't believe me, two…

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Have You Neville Longbottomed?


Life before and during puberty can be a pretty traumatic time. Warner Bros. But sometimes puberty can be good to us. Like, REALLY good to us. Warner Brothers. Attitude We see you, Matthew Lewis. So, whether you're a famous actor who had a stellar glow-up... Warner Bros. OK, Tahj Mowry. Or a regular person,…

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