This week, Jay Z became the first rapper ever to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Ari Perilstein / Getty Images

Unfortunately he had to skip the awards (seeing as Beyoncé is probably going to give birth any day now!) but he was honored with a poignant video speech from President Obama.

Obama inducts JAY Z into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

To show his gratitude, Jay Z took to Twitter for the first time since March and just started listing his thanks:

Thank you to all the people that have inspired me . Rakim KANE KRS chuck cube Jaz Em Andre Nas big PAC cole kendrick chance jayE ..wait,

Lauryn Nicki lite latifah common ye drake and meek . Run caz LL chainz cam tip (both of them) thought pharaoh , face . De la . Ice T. Wait

G Rap .Mel . Kurupt . Lox. X . Q. Ab lupe. Mos. Foxy. Boss . Ross. Quavo Future Travis too many fuck this. All you!T grizzley song best out

There were so many, he started losing track of them all…

Shit did I say redman ? Ghost and Rae . Wu tang I beat Genius in a rap battle I think ha . Busta (him too) Treach . Thug . B a rapper too!

Shit …Wayne , Juve BG Nipsey . Kim . Slaughterhouse (yes mouse too ha) Folarin MC eiht . Short . 40 . Mac dre this shit hard .Never mind

He couldn’t *really* figure out how to use Twitter, but just kept going…

Somebody find that reply I just hit please . I’m new on this . Anyway salute to anybody who made a song to feed their family or just vent .

Seriously, it was so complicated that he vowed to delete Twitter from his phone in the morning…

Fuck haa. Naw for real .Pastor Jeezy my partner . Okay I’m done . I’m deleting this app in the morning . Shit is impossible to get right.

He had to clarify that he wasn’t drunk, just maybe drunk in love.

I promise I’m not drunk . Lord Pusha . Carti (Magnolia incredible)ASAP Sean P , Mobb , cudi . Tyler , earl, Snoop!!( almost played myself)

Then he gave a shoutout to President Obama and shared a dropbox link that didn’t work…

And the greatest rapper of all time OBAMA . Thank you 44

And remembered even more people he needed to thank:

Wait . Slick fucking Rick . Pimp C and bun . Wow . I just realized how many fresh people the culture has . Big Sean . Sauce money .

Too many ..Fab , black people really magic . Mac Miller nice too though .

Congrats, Jay Z. Keep being awesome AF and appreciating the fuck out of everyone around you.

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