The View From This Rainbow Walkway Changes Your Perspective On Everything.


High above the streets of Aarhus, Denmark, sits the roof of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum -- but this roof doesn't give visitors an ordinary view. Instead, the museum's circular, glass-encased walkway changes color as your walk around it, allowing you to see the city through all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow panorama was…

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20 WTF Photos That Will Make You Scratch Your Head In Disbelief.


There are so many things in the world that we are still learning about. Whether it’s frivolous information or important historical facts, it’s hard to ignore and not inquire further. Knowledge is everything after all. It is fascinating to know about the past and see how technology is changing our lives in the present and…

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What She Does With A Wooden Pallet Makes Organizing Your Garage A Cinch


Even if you're not big on the idea of spring cleaning, you can probably appreciate the satisfaction that comes when you walk into a spotless space. And if you're like most Americans, your garage is hardly the most organized space in your home. It's okay to admit it...we're all friends here!Even if you've neglected your…

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5 Times Little Kids Taught Us To Suck Less And Be Nicer To Strangers


Even if hanging out with kids isn't your jam, you have to admit that little ones regularly school adults on how to act like...well...adults. While we have a tendency to be petty and cruel, most children take on each day with the ultimate goal of making people smile. Adult life, in all its jaded glory,…

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