Rarely Do We Get To Meet Our Heroes…But When It Happens? All The Feels!


Every kid has their childhood heroes. Whether they're astronauts or athletes, however, meeting those heroes can be kind of a struggle. That's why it's so magical when kiddos do finally meet their idols. Seeing high-profile people take time out of their busy schedules to meet the little ones who love and admire them is always…

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This Kid Knows EXACTLY How We All Feel When We Run Out Of Bacon


The world is a cold, terrible place when you run out of bacon. Just ask this little guy. Realizing that his parents were fresh out of his favorite breakfast goodie, he had the exact reaction we as adults wish we could still get away with having. See for yourself and live vicariously through this kiddo…

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Every Morning She Has To Dig Her Way Free. Look At Where She Lives.


Have you ever heard of Shoyna? Well, that's because it isn't typically marked on maps. Shoyna is a quaint village in northern Russia, situated along the coast of the White Sea. The land is covered in mounds of sand, so much so that the village even has its own bulldozer for digging out homes. Due…

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19 Reasons Why Kids From The 60s And 70s Are Lucky To Be Alive.


All of us have an older person in our lives that likes to start sentences with the phrase, "Back in my day..." Most of the time, they're referring to some idealized memory of the way the world used to be when they were young. However, if this post is any indication, "back in my day"…

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20 Happy Dogs With The Cheesiest Smiles You’ll Ever See.


Many different things have the power to make us smile: A funny joke, our sunny day, an unexpected encounter with an old friend. When we smile, we know that it's because we're happy. But what about when dogs smile? What's going on in their heads when their snouts stretch from ear to ear? Hypothetically, we're…

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25 Hilariously Inappropriate Notes From Kids Who Are A Little TOO Honest.


People get so caught up in texting, emailing, and typing that they forget the value of handwritten notes. Fortunately for us, all children will start off with handwriting before typing and they love to write all sorts of notes. Kids are funny, you never really know what's going on in their minds. Nonetheless, most are…

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