Have You Neville Longbottomed?


Life before and during puberty can be a pretty traumatic time. Warner Bros. But sometimes puberty can be good to us. Like, REALLY good to us. Warner Brothers. Attitude We see you, Matthew Lewis. So, whether you're a famous actor who had a stellar glow-up... Warner Bros. instagram.com OK, Tahj Mowry. Or a regular person,…

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Which Of Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends Are You?


Getty Images Getty Images Eh. Maybe? Not right now, but in the future? Who knows. No way. I don't even like kids. Sure, eventually. I'm dying to! We'll see. It's not my highest priority right now. Already do! And I love them! Already do, and I regret it. Getty Images Via CBS Honey Via CBS…

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Only A True Disney Fan Has Seen 48 Out Of These 56 Animated Movies


Disney Via Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Via Disney Pinocchio Via Disney Fantasia Via Disney Fantasia 2000 Via Disney Dumbo Via Disney Bambi Via Disney Cinderella Via Disney Make Mine Music Via Disney Peter Pan Via Disney The Three Caballeros Via Disney Saludos Amigos Via Disney Fun and Fancy Free Via Disney The…

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9 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week


1. Orlando Bloom shared this photo of the haircut he got in order to accommodate his wig while filming The Lord of the Rings. View this photo on Instagram Instagram: @orlandobloom 2. Jared Leto posted this photo of himself from the early-'00s, and basically reminded all of us that he hasn't aged since the '90s.…

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21 Celebrity Interview Moments That Make Me Highly Uncomfortable


1. When Barbara Walters said this to the Kardashians, and they were like, um... ABC 2. When an interviewer asked Paris Hilton, "Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?" and she walked out. ABC 3. When an interviewer tried calling Joan Rivers out for fur: CNN 4. When Selena Gomez ended an interview…

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