Their Baby Was Ill And Wasting Away, Which They Would’ve Known If They Ever Held Her


In April 2016, Kristen Meyer-Aleman and Alejandro Aleman's 13-month-old daughter, Tayla, passed away at just seven pounds. She'd been born two pounds heavier. According to the medical examiner, Tayla died from exhaustion caused by neglect. She was also starving to death, wearing clothes meant for a three-month-old, had a severe rash around her genitals, and…

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Dare You Not To Laugh At These 23 Animal Memes


1. Going out: 2. Making a mistake: Via 3. Creating a good pun: keylabkey / Via 4. Becoming excited: 5. Stealing what's not yours: dogsandmen / Via 6. Discovering a hidden gem: moosetacularstuffs / Via 7. Solving the mystery: scownes / Via 8. Learning new things: scownes / Via…

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We Need To Talk About How Britney Spears Is Basically A Runway Model


It's a widely known fact that nude painter/rice enthusiast/pop star Britney Spears is pretty much the BEST celebrity on none. Instagram: @britneyspears Like, remember that time she Googled a picture of corn and tried to pretend like she actually was enjoying eating it? Iconic. But Britney's latest habit on Instagram is so amazing,…

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