22 Dogs That Prove We Don’t Deserve Dogs


1. This good boy: Twitter: @KTLA / Via reddit.com 2. This good boy: reddit.com 3. These good boys: reddit.com 4. This good boy: reddit.com 5. This good boy: reddit.com 6. This good boy: reddit.com 7. This good boy: reddit.com 8. This good boy: reddit.com 9. This good boy: reddit.com 10. This good boy: tumblr.com /…

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This 15 Year Old’s Disney Themed Comics Are Hilarious


Meet 15 year old Imane. View this photo on Instagram Instagram: @imane She recently started posting her comics on instagram and they're GREAT. View this photo on Instagram instagram.com Especially her Disney comics. In her own words, "I try to look for stereotypes in the movie and make my own spin off based of that…

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Classical Tattoos Your Art Teacher Will Love.


Do you have a deep appreciation for classic and well known art pieces? Have you ever just stared at a photo of an art piece in complete and utter awe? Owning the original art piece is practically impossible. Owning a copy cat version of the art piece just doesn't feel right. So why not get…

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