How To Identify, Define 5 Different Types Of Abuse

Misuse does not generally mean physical savagery. Truth be told, there are a few distinct meanings of what can qualify as misuse, extending from physical to verbal and even computerized. "Many people consider manhandle simply getting hit, however it's a variety of things," Dr. Phil clarifies. The Aspire Initiative, a free aggressive behavior at home…

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See Dolly Parton Sing Moving ‘Coat’ on ‘The Voice’

Dolly Parton offered information but no advice to the remaining contestants on NBC's The Voice as she visited the TV singing competition on Tuesday, December 8th. She also performed a lovely version of her beloved 1971 hit "Coat of Many Colors" and talked about the upcoming "faith-based" film inspired by the song's autobiographical lyrics. Strumming…

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To Attract Customers, Chinese Restaurants Were Adding More Than MSG To Their Food


Nowadays, it seems restaurant owners and chefs will do just about anything to distinguish themselves from the establishment next door. And while that might normally mean offering a free drink if you check in on Foursquare, in China, it's a bit more extreme than that...Recently, 35 popular Chinese restaurants were shut down for adding ground…

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