Once summer begins, I become instantly jealous of every person I know that has a swimming pool.

My grandfather used to work for a pool installation company that offered to install a free pool in our backyard in exchange for letting people come over to see the watering hole in action. However, ironically, my grandfather couldn’t swim, so he opted out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now, if I were a petty person, I’d probably resent his decision a bit more, but luckily, I know enough people who own pools not to be bothered.

And after this Reddit user detailed his building of an aboveground pool, I might just let what remains of my grudge go, and build one of these bad boys for myself.

This is the land that would eventually be home to a brand-new aboveground pool.

But first, some excavation needed to be done.

He poured out six tons of sand for the base and dug holes for the patio supports.

Of course, he had to make sure that all the patio blocks were level. Then it was time to install the pool track.

In a matter of minutes, it was on to assembling the pool wall.

Side supports were placed over the exposed bolts holding the wall together.

Before installing the liner, the builder placed it in the sun to make it more flexible.

A pool cove is a gentle slope of sand around the edges. A plastic liner goes under it and then the sand in the middle must be evened out, which you can see below.

Next came the installation of the pool liner.

He used an industrial vacuum to ensure all air was removed from under the pool liner.

All pools need to be maintained, so the pump, filter, and water system had to be added.

All that was left was to fill this bad boy with water.

Who knew building your own aboveground pool was that easy?

It only took two days to make this! Awesome.

For the full instructions of this epic build, click here.