I like to believe everyone has a little bit of wanderlust inside them. And although it may remain a desire in many of us, others have actually done it. They planned it out, saved up the money, and fulfilled their dreams of traveling.

Aside from collecting souvenirs from everywhere they've traveled, there's also another token travelers get to remind them of where they've been and aspire to be: tattoos. Tattoos of maps, globes, compasses, coordinates, you name it — all to represent the love they have for exploring the world and its beautiful wonders.

Whether you're a veteran adventurer or just starting out — take a look at some of the most creative travel tattoos below to maybe spark some ink inspiration for yourself.

#1. Special coordinates.

#2. I go where I please.

I go where I please.

#3. From jungles to pyramids.

#4. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

#5. Not all those who wander are lost.

#6. Route 66 honeymoon.

Route 66 honeymoon.

Dreek Owen

#7. A compass that you'll always have on hand.

#8. A globe mandala.

#9. Away we go.

#10. Simply put, explore.

#11. An airplane ready to fly off.

An airplane ready to fly off.

#12. A map and compass in one.

A map and compass in one.


#13. The world in your hands.

#14. A globe of a sight seer.

#15. The world is yours.

#16. A minimalist map.

A minimalist map.

#17. A ship in a bottle ready to set sail.

#18. Postage stamps across the world.

#19. A geometric world.

#20. We began as wanderers and we are wanderers still.

We began as wanderers and we are wanderers still.

#21. A hot air balloon rising in the sky saying goodbye.

#22. Bon voyage.

Bon voyage.

#23. Ready to pack up my suitcase at any given moment.

#24. The key to my heart is to travel.

#25. A origami boat drifting in the seas.