Tattoos are painful. Everyone knows this. It's hard to answer "how painful is a tattoo" because there's so many factors that go into it. First and far most, it depends on the person's pain threshold. Next, it depends on your artist — whether they have a heavy or light hand. Lastly, it depends on what body part you're getting tattooed. Some spots hurt more than others. It's easy to say the the ones that are right on the bone and the tender ones hurt the most. This typically means the foot, the rib cage, the wrist, and the armpit.

Just the thought of getting a tattoo at where the armpit is gives me shivers. It's a very tender spot that you can just tell is going to hurt. With that said, people who still go through with them are very brave people. It's an odd area to get tattooed, but it comes out pretty nice if done well. Here's some of those brave people below.

#1. Dotted Mandala

A mandala that’s colored and shaded in with the technique of stippling, otherwise known as dotting. Beautiful isn’t it?

#2. Skeleton Head

An American traditional styled skeleton head with some flames coming out of it.

#3. Conjuring Movie Poster

An eerie scene from the movie, The Conjuring. The noose hanging on the leaf-less tree certainly adds a creepy touch.

#4. Black and Grey Sunflowers

A crisp and detailed ornamental design of sunflowers. They almost look like a fan. Definitely one of the more delicate looking ones.

#5. Japanse Dragon

A Japanese styled dragon coming out of some clouds. Not really sure why the head is so much bigger than the body.

#6. Geometric Design

A geometric design of equal shapes to create a pattern. It definitely fits in with the rest of the work on her arm.

#7. Coyote

An orange toned wild coyote. Now instead of a hairy armpit, you’ve got a hairy fox!

#8. Bart Simpson Skeleton

A unique take on a Bart Simpson tattoo. And since it was only the outline, the pain must have been bearable.

#9. Bearded Lady

An american styled tattoo of a lady with a beard, a classic carnival character.

Bearded Lady

#10. Scorpion

A huge black and grey scorpion going down this guy’s entire side. Go big or go home right?

#11. Chewbacca from Star Wars

What better thing to get tattooed on your armpit than your favorite Star Wars character. Now Chewie and this guy are best buds for life.

#12. Peony

A large black and grey shaded peony flower. This one not only takes up the armpit area but most of its surrounding areas. This woman’s brave.

#13. Japanese Styled Demon Face

A Japanese styled demon face coming out of a chrysanthemum flower. Talk about vibrant and full of color.

#14. Hooper from Jaws

If you’re familiar with the movie Jaws, then you’ll recognize Hooper on this girl’s pit. She plans on getting Quint on the other armpit.

#15. Upside Down Bat

A bat hanging upside down giving you a weary wink. This has got to be the cutest illustration of a bat I’ve ever seen.

#16. Pizza Slice

A super cheesy slice of pizza that the cheese is just melting off of. This is what we call a true pizza lover.

#17. Spider Web

Putting a spider web here is actually quite clever as the middle of the pit really does look like the center of a web. This placement gives the tattoo a 3d effect.

#18. Spiderman

A photo realistic interpretation of the Amazing Spiderman who looks ready to spring for action.


Cecil Porter

#19. Shark

An American traditional styled shark consuming a human leg. Interesting choice of subject to put on that body part.

#20. Rose

A photo realistic deep red rose with some tones of blue coming out of the background.


#21. Lion Head

A black and grey shaded lion head without the body. It looks like it was just a fill in, but very nice work nonetheless.

#22. Detailed Rose

A very detailed rose outline with no shading. The line work here is amazing.

#23. Compass and Map

A black and grey compass and worldly map. This one is just so gorgeous to look at.