Can You Become Emo In Just A Day?


It's the mid-'00s, and you just moved to a new school where everyone is emo. Unfortunately for you, you're not, but you want to fit in, so you decide to opt for an emo makeover.

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Britney Spears Has Been Photographing Her Boyfriend Basically Naked And The Photos Will Leave You Wet And Horny


Britney Spears is known as many things. You may know her as Britney Spears the vocalist... View this video on YouTube ...or Britney Spears the global warming warrior... Twitter: @britneyspears ... a younger Meryl Streep... MTV Films / Via ... the Steve Jobs of whale tail... Scott Gries / Getty Images ... or…

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17 Tweets You’ll Only Appreciate If You Literally Have No Summer Plans


1. The beginning: Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @GirlPosts 2. Keeping it real: Via Twitter: @Maherldn 3. Having time, but no money: Via Twitter: @abbiewilkinsonn 4. Or having money, but no time: Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Dory 5. Observing the cruel outside world: Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @TheLifeOfKale 6. High expectations: Via Twitter: @Iolitatbh 7. The…

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Steve Carell Had The Best Response To Everyone Calling Him A Silver Fox


ICYMI, Steve Carell is crazy, stupid, hot right now: Chloe Gilke @GilkeAsCharged Honestly take your Goslings and your Zayns Malik and give me 2017 Steve Carell 11:34 PM - 21 Jun 2017 Reply Retweet Favorite People are thirsting hard... Alex Lasker @StateOf_ALaska Hot Steve Carell is your ex boyfriend who is honestly just doing better…

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